A5 Militant Feminazi Vagenda

  • £5.95

You are a confident, independent Feminazi with a strident Vagenda.  Buuut you also have shopping lists.....what to do, what to do?

Now you can record these two essentials in happy harmony.  These badass A5 books have deep black 320gsm outers, foiled in matte silver and 52 smooth coated 120gsm ink friendly 'impact' pages.

They have a bright magenta fly sheet BECAUSE SEXISM.


This paper stock has a glass smooth writing surface you can use all day every day without worry that your weak feminist wrists will get tired.  They are tough, durable and the super strong staples mean they can stand a bit of abuse too.  But not as much as you've had to.


Hand-made in Rutland, England by me (Rob - A MAN) they are also 100% recyclable by most common kerbside collection schemes.