Les Bleus

  • £14.95

Make a statement. Then write it down in this book so you don't forget it. 

These new-passport sized books come in at 105 x 132mm, larger than those pesky standard sized EU mandated passports. That'll show 'em (and also reflects are Countries correct status).

They have a blue 'card' outer printed in a gold foil design and up to 52x 'paper' pages*.  The paper has a writing surface: doesn't play well with ink or graphite. Designed to function best with home-made charcoal scratch sticks. 

I offer these with plain pages, for your own content. They are hand-made in good old Blighty by me using some staples.  They are 100% recyclable by most common kerbside collection schemes, if your Council can still afford to run one.



*spec subject to change as supply difficulties mandate.


Please note: this is a special order product, as such lead time is 3-5 years.