B5 Medicine Book - with pocket

  • £6.95

Perfect for fountain pens, graphite, in fact all sorts of stylii.  These medicine books are made with a variety of coloured outers with a printed molecule design and 60 uncoated 100gsm ultra white pages.


This paper stock is very ink friendly with a very lightly textured opaque and ultra white face. It is comfortable for extended note taking whilst providing some feedback (especially with fountain pens).


These books also have a pocket inside rear.  Key info is recorded here instead of inside the front cover on my other books.  The pocket is not pleated so will hold a few sheets of up to A5 material very securely (it opens to wards the spine).


Initially offered with plain (Ketamine, yellow), dot-grid (Fentanyl, blue) and ruled (Rocuronium, red) pages, these books are hand-made in England by me and are recyclable by most common services.